Reliably Fueling Your Hotels & Restaurants

Reliably Fueling Your Hotels & Restaurants

No matter what type of business you run, customers expect stellar treatment with every interaction. In turn, we give you that same superior service when it comes to every facet of your fueling needs.

Where We Can Help

From patio grills to professional kitchens and country club pools, we make it safe, simple, and affordable to heat your business inside and out, plus fuel your cooking equipment and other appliances.

Building Heating

Propane is cost-effective, efficient, and portable for remote locations. We can assist with local and state codes, tank capacity, and placement.

Outdoor Lighting & Heat

Whether it's fire pits, hearths, or decorative flames, propane can highlight outdoor courtyards and patios—and extend the outdoor living season.

Backup Power

Propane generators protect against power disruption, avoiding costly downtime. Financial incentives are available for hybrid energy systems.

Water Heating

Propane water heaters save 13-16% in energy costs over electric tanks. Tankless models are cost-effective in buildings with significant water usage.

Indoor & Outdoor Cooking

Propane is portable, creating flexible kitchen options and capacity, providing precise temperature control, and reducing CO2 emissions up to 50%.

Laundry Appliances

Propane dryers provide a moist heat that preserves fabric quality, and deliver faster drying times for lower energy costs compared to electric units.

Who We Serve

For more than 25 years, we’ve provided safe and reliable propane services to the Restaurant and Hospitality industry. We understand your business and offer custom solutions to fit your needs.

Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

Propane cooking equipment delivers professional-grade performance, while decreasing fuel consumption and providing convenience and functionality in any commercial kitchen.

Hotels & Resorts

Commercial propane dryers provide laundry functions with a range of capacities and performance options. Propane can power your facility and kitchen appliances, heat water, support outdoor amenities, and even heat a water park.

Country Clubs

Propane can be used on a golf course to power commercial mowers, light duty and medium duty vehicles, and generators. Propane pool heaters are efficient, reliable, and a great choice for pools and spas of all shapes and sizes.

Save Time and Money with MySuperior

MySuperior is an online tool that helps you manage your fuel needs in one secure place. It’s the perfect way to inspect your account information, pay your bill, and schedule propane delivery online.

Make Payments

Quickly and easily execute online payments.

View Fuel Levels

Observe and track your fuel consumption and tank levels.

Schedule Deliveries

Order fuel and manage upcoming delivery requests.

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