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It can get hectic keeping track of supplies, workers, budgets, and everything else on your job site. But you got into this line of work for a reason—you love to build. Let us make your life easier by ensuring fuel is the least of your concerns.

For the past 20-plus years, we’ve supplied more than 1,300 construction businesses with the fuel they need to create and maintain our nation’s roads, housing, and commercial buildings. Our customers like working with us because our reliability, flexibility, and competitive prices help make sure their projects run smoothly. Here are some of the ways we support businesses like yours.

Man filling a pickup truck with propane autogas at a card lock station. There is a fleet of school buses in the background.

Transportation Fleet

Transportation Fleet

  • We provide gas for your trucks and delivery vehicles day or night. 
  • Every gasoline grade we offer contains advanced detergent additives to protect against deposits and buildup. 
  • Our digital logistics system automatically processes orders and manages dispatch and delivery information to provide you with fast, accurate service. 
  • You can easily track important information online, including fueling locations, fueling times, vehicle ID numbers, and delivery volumes.
Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
Case Study
Glenn and Thelma Hawbaker’s heavy construction drivers were wasting too much valuable time waiting in line for their fuel stations. We teamed up with the company to provide a more reliable delivery schedule without compromising a competitive fuel price.
On-Site Equipment

On-Site Equipment

  • Trust our 1,000 delivery trucks staffed by professional hazmat-drivers for all your on-site equipment needs.
  • We offer full transport loads for high-volume orders, flat rates per drop for piping, packaged deals for larger installations, and underground tank leasing options.
  • And the fuel you’re receiving is a step above the rest. Our premium diesel products contain detergent additives to protect against corrosion and a pour point depressant, which improves performance and efficiency in the cold weather.
Site Prep
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When you’re preparing your site, the last thing you want to worry about is sourcing, ordering, and managing the fuel that keeps your work going. We can help with environmentally friendly solutions that benefit you financially.

Heating: Building & Water, Temporary & On Demand

  • Whether you need heating for your building or for water, temporarily or on demand, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our propane-powered heaters are especially helpful in the winter, warming sites and buildings. And tankless water heaters are becoming a popular solution to efficiently and reliably support buildings with significant hot water usage.
  • Enjoy the personalized assistance you’ll receive determining local, state, and federal codes; tank capacities and placement; and other consultative services, such as feasibility of installing an underground system.
Commercial Tankless Water Heater 
Fact Sheet
Propane tankless water heaters are ideal for businesses who want to avoid excessive energy use storing large volumes of water and meet corporate sustainability and emission reduction policies.

Mobile Power Generation

Mobile Power Generation

  • Need power generation that’s mobile? We offer the right fuel and equipment and show you the financial incentives available for environmentally friendly hybrid energy systems.
  • And what better time than now as demand for electricity has increased exponentially in the past 10 years? Although many outages last 20–30 minutes, studies show the average extended power outage is around eight hours.
  • Our propane generators have the strength you need to protect large homes and businesses against power disruption.

Rockwell Custom
Video Case Study

General Manager Tom Burleigh turned to propane for his new properties in Philadelphia because natural gas was going to be an additional $150,000, making the job cost-prohibitive. He’s happier than ever now that his customers have modern-day, all-gas luxuries that electric simply can’t offer.
Combined Heat & Power Units

Combined Heat & Power Units (CHP Systems)

  • Our CHP systems are most effective in buildings with significant, steady thermal demands and backup power needs. 
  • You’ll be able to generate heat and electricity with higher efficiency and lower emissions levels than conventional heating and grid-supplied power. 
  • It’s worth it. Our customers have eliminated transmission and distribution losses to operate at 70–80% electric and thermal efficiency.

Marathon Engines
Video Case Study

Marathon Engine Systems has been using their propane powered Combined Heat and Power for seven years. In addition to generating thermal energy, the unit produces electricity as a byproduct. This allows Marathon to introduce its product to rural areas and reduce carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.


Dehumidification: Concrete Curing

  • The portable propane solutions we offer leave a small environmental footprint while quickly removing moisture and accelerating drying time.
  • By lowering the moisture in your construction space to specific levels, it’s also possible to eliminate mold growth.

Highway, Street, and Bridge
Fact Sheet

Managing your construction operation takes a lot of time and energy. From fuel estimating to reliable delivery schedules and fixed-pricing solutions that optimize your purchasing power, we’re here to help.

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We serve numerous businesses in the construction industry. We’re also a part of several industry associations and partnerships.

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