Why You Should Switch to a Propane Water Heater

propane water heater
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Are you overspending on energy costs because your home has a traditional, electric water heater? Does it take a long time for your water to warm up? Do you run out of hot water quickly?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should make the switch to a propane water heater!

The Benefits of Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters offer homeowners many benefits.  They are efficient, compact, and both budget and environmentally friendly, just to name a few.

Propane water heaters are much more efficient than electric water heaters, meaning they use less energy.  Less energy use translates into less energy costs, making them less expensive than their electric counterparts.  Unlike electric and heating oil units, propane water heaters are eligible for Energy Star qualifications.  Propane water heaters with Energy Star ratings save homeowners 13-20% in annual energy costs (Propane Storage Tank Water Heaters | PERC).

Propane water heaters are also space savers, as they are much more compact than electric versions.  A 40 gallon propane water heater will deliver as much hot water as a 50 gallon electric model, all while occupying less space in your basement or utility room (Propane Storage Tank Water Heaters | PERC).

On top of all those benefits, propane water heaters are more environmentally friendly than electric water heaters.  They reduce CO2 emissions by 1,700 pounds per year (Propane Storage Tank Water Heaters | PERC)!

The Types of Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters come in two types:  a standard tank and a tankless version.  Which type of unit would be best for you depends on how quickly you like your water to heat, how much hot water you typically use, and how much space you have for your water heater.  If you don’t mind your water heater occupying valuable floor space and heating water even when no one is using hot water, a standard propane tank unit is best for you.

If you have limited floor space and want a long-lasting water heater to only work on demand, then a tankless option might be the best choice for your home.  Tankless water heaters on average last twenty years, which far exceed the average lifespan of a traditional water heater (Propane Tankless Water Heater | Propane.com).  They are also compact; therefore, on average they free up about twelve feet of floor space when compared to a standard tank model (Propane Tankless Water Heater | Propane.com).  Additionally, tankless water heaters heat water more quickly and seemingly supply an endless amount of hot water—about 222 gallons per hour (Propane Tankless Water Heater | Propane.com)! Lastly, tankless propane water heaters are even more energy efficient than propane tank water heaters and can reduce energy costs up to fifty percent (Propane Tankless Water Heater | Propane.com)!

Making the Switch 

Whether you decide to use a tankless propane water heater or a propane tank model water heater in your home, Superior Plus Propane can help you make the switch. Contact us today at www.superiorpluspropane.com or call us at (855)804-FUEL to get started today!


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