Superior Plus Propane Employee Spotlight November 2023

Superior Plus Propane

November is a month associated with gratitude and thanks.  This November, we are thankful for Daniel Foster, one of our outstanding employees who exemplifies what being a skilled and safe driver means day in and day out.

Daniel Foster, Bobtail Driver, Mountain Flame, Auberry, CA

Daniel Foster began his career with our Mountain Flame brand over six years ago.  He is currently the lead driver at our Auberry, CA customer service center and is also a member of our Safety Champions program. As a Safety Champion, Daniel is the voice and face of safety at his location.  He leads by example to promote safe practices in the workplace.

An Exemplary Driver

Daniel Foster takes his work seriously to ensure that the job is done safely and that the customer is satisfied.  According to Matthew Coutu, the Field Operations Supervisor at the Auberry location, “Daniel sets the standard of what the driver’s role should be.  He is a great driver.”  But in addition to his driving expertise, Daniel also has excellent customer service skills.  “He takes the extra time to make sure the customer is taken care of—he’s a very customer-oriented employee,” Matthew Coutu said of Daniel.

Going Above and Beyond for the Customer

On a recent Friday, a customer called the Auberry location because he found a broken pigtail on his gas system. When Daniel responded to the call, he discovered that there was actually a problem with the underground gas line, as well.  Daniel did not have all the equipment he needed to fix the gas line with him, but he did not want the customer to be without gas for the weekend.  He drove back to the office, gathered the necessary supplies, and went back to the customer’s residence to fix the problem right away. The customer was very grateful for Daniel’s help and his dedication to customer satisfaction.

Beyond an Employee

Daniel Foster is more than a bobtail driver focused on excellent customer service and safety.  He is also a dedicated father of two kids and a proud husband who likes to give back to the town he calls home.  In his spare time, he can be found enjoying local community events in his area with his family.

Thank You from Superior Plus Propane

Superior Plus Propane is grateful year ‘round for all our hardworking employees.  But, this November, we are giving Daniel Foster a special show of gratitude for exemplifying what a safe, customer-focused driver should be. Thank you for leading by example, Daniel!

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