National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Drivers are celebrated during national truck driver appreciation week
Superior Plus Propane

The arrival of September means National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is approaching quickly. We at Superior Plus Propane know that our business depends on the skill, safety and dependability of our professional drivers. That is why we recognize them for their outstanding performance throughout the year, as well as during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.


What is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a dedicated week in September during which Americans respect and thank the 3.6 million professional truck drivers working in our nation for their hard work and commitment to safety (National Truck Driver Appreciation Week | American Trucking Associations). This year, Driver Appreciation Week is September 11th through 17th.


The Superior Plus Propane Driver

We hold our drivers to the highest standards of professionalism and safety. They routinely undergo the latest training in safely delivering fuel to our loyal customers and are outfitted in the most recent protective gear. We are so committed to the safety of our drivers that our efforts have exceeded current government and industry regulations. With over 700 professional drivers on our team throughout the country, we know that our business would not exist without them. To learn more about our commitment to safety, visit


Superior Plus Propane’s Driver Recognition Program

We know how important having a team of dedicated and professional drivers is. We also believe in honoring employees for exceeding expectations when performing their duties. That is why we created our Driver Recognition Program. This year long program rewards safe driving practices and honors our high-performing drivers. Our Driver Recognition Program is a performance-based rewards system in which we use the Samsara Fleet Safety System to score each driver each week. A score of 100 or more qualifies a driver to receive quarterly and annual rewards.  The more weeks a driver achieves a score of 100 or more, the more quarterly and annual rewards he/she qualifies for.


Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week with Us

How can you celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? It’s easy. Simply thank your driver for a job well done! A little appreciation goes a long way. We at Superior Plus Propane will be honoring our drivers in different ways throughout our locations. Some will receive gifts of food, while others may receive cards, but all will be thanked an appreciated during this week and throughout the year.

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