Propane: The Best Choice for Heating Your Pool

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Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing dip in a pool on a warm summer day under a beautiful blue sky with the sun shining? Nothing ruins a nice, relaxing swim more than water that is way too cold! With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to think about how you heat your pool comfortably so you can enjoy your pool well into fall.

Types of Pool Heaters

Of course, there are several options to choose from when selecting the type of heater for your pool.  The most common types are electric, propane, natural gas and solar heaters.  But, when you want your pool heated quickly to a reliable temperature, propane stands out from the rest.

Other Pool Heaters Don’t Measure Up to Propane Heaters

Propane is the best choice when it comes to heating a pool or spa.  Why? Electric pool heaters are more expensive than propane and are only capable of heating the water a few degrees warmer than the current air temperature (Consider Using Propane To Heat Your Pool | Diversified Energy). So, a warm swim on a chilly night just won’t be possible if you choose an electric heater.

Natural gas heaters are comparable to propane heaters but come with the added expense of running a natural gas line to the pool.  Given your property layout, that may be very costly.  And, since propane is a more energy-rich fuel than natural gas, you’ll use less propane to heat your pool than natural gas.

Solar heaters are both unreliable and pricey.  They only heat effectively when it’s sunny out, they heat the water slowly, and they take up considerable space (Consider Using Propane To Heat Your Pool | Diversified Energy).

Propane Pool Heaters—The Superior Choice

You already know propane is more cost efficient than other types of pool and spa heaters, but did you know that propane is also more reliable and more environmentally friendly?  Propane heaters heat pools and spas quickly to your desired temperature, no matter the air temperature.  This means you can use your pool any time of day or night and even earlier in the spring months and later in the fall months, extending pool season by a lot!

Propane is also the environmentally friendly choice for heating pools and spas.  It has a small carbon footprint, which is better for the planet.  Since propane isn’t even considered a greenhouse gas, using it to heat your pool is the best way to keep your pool warm and be kind to the Earth at the same time.

Propane Pool & Spa Heaters Are Versatile

Propane can be used to heat inground and above ground pools as well as spas.  The size of the propane tank required will depend on the size of the pool or spa.  If you are concerned about a propane tank being an eye sore on your property, propane tanks can easily be buried or landscaped around so you can heat your pool without seeing a large tank nearby.

How to Switch to a Propane Heater

If you’ve decided that a propane heater is the right choice for your pool or spa, the next step is easy. Simply contact us at or (855)804-FUEL for a consultation. Our reliable propane experts will happily help you make the switch to cost-effective, environmentally friendly propane today!

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