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Nearly everyone has experienced a power outage caused by inclement weather. While they are disruptive and annoying, power outages are on the rise and pose risks to health and safety. Currently, the average homeowner experiences 3.5 power outages in a two-year period ( Power outages cost homeowners money and peace of mind. Perishable food spoils and access to modern conveniences is cut off. Even short outages lasting less than four hours can cost homeowners about $1,250! Over a two-year period, that means the average homeowner will spend $4,500 on replacing spoiled food, paying for a hotel stay and more ( how can a homeowner prepare for a power outage? By using a propane generator!


What Are Propane Generators?

Propane generators create electricity by burning propane fuel. This electricity then powers your home’s heating and cooling system, your water heater, lights, and appliances, depending on the capacity of the generator being used. The more equipment you would like to power with a generator means the higher capacity generator you need.

Propane generators are available as portable or standby models. Portable propane generators are sufficient to use during shorter power outages and by homeowners who do not need to power everything in their homes to get through a brief blackout. Standby propane generators are permanently installed and operate more efficiently during long power outages. They may fuel your entire house and will kick on instantly as soon as the power goes out. Standby generators can be fueled by either an aboveground or buried propane tank.


Why Should You Choose Propane Generators?

Propane generators provide homeowners peace of mind, but the benefits do not end there. They also are more affordable in the long run, quieter, more reliable and more environmentally friendly than diesel generators. Propane generators seem costly to install, but since they run on propane, they are less expensive to operate over time than natural gas or diesel generators. Propane generators are also much quieter while operating than their diesel and natural gas counterparts, which means you won’t be bothered by obnoxious noise during a power outage. And, propane generators are more reliable than gas generators because propane does not degrade over time. That means you can count on your generator to work when you need it, and your generator will require less maintenance throughout the years. Additionally, since propane is a clean burning fuel, it is much better for the environment than gas or diesel generators.


How Do You Select the Right Propane Generator for Your Home?

It’s simple, simply visit us at or call us at (855)804-FUEL to speak with our professional team of propane experts. We can help determine which type and capacity of propane generator will best fit your needs and budget. We look forward to helping you prepare your home for power outages with a new propane generator!

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