Propane Generators: What You Need to Know about Maintenance

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Standby propane generators are life savers during power outages, but like all other types of mechanical equipment, they require regular maintenance to ensure they operate properly when you need them. Just like your home’s heating and cooling systems, standby propane generators should be inspected and maintained annually at a minimum. Many generator installation companies offer service contracts to keep your propane generator running smoothly, but regular maintenance of a propane generator can also be done by a handy homeowner, as well (How Much Does It Cost To Service A Generac Generator? | Authentic Generator Reviews (

Propane Generators Require Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your standby propane generator is necessary when your generator isn’t being used regularly. Additionally, if your generator has been used for at least a twenty-four hour period, you should also follow these tips:

  • Inspect the fuel lines to ensure they aren’t loose or leaking—if you suspect a leak, contact a professional immediately
  • Inspect the battery—make sure it isn’t close to the end of its useful life (if it is, replace it), make sure it isn’t corroded and that the cables are secure
  • Check the coolant and oil levels—top off if low
  • Inspect the air filter and replace it if it’s dirty
  • Make sure the enclosure of the generator and the area surrounding it are clear of debris, dirt, and corrosion
  • Clean the air intakes and the louvers
  • Do a test run of the generator to ensure it turns on immediately and works properly


Weekly Maintenance of Propane Generators

Most generator installation companies recommend that homeowners do minor weekly maintenance of their standby generators, as well. While not as involved as annual maintenance, weekly maintenance can help homeowners prevent minor issues from turning into major hassles (Weekly & Monthly Generator Maintenance Checklist ( Each week, homeowners should:

  • Test the generator to make sure it turns on and off and runs appropriately
  • Keep the generator on auto mode, so it turns on immediately when the power goes out
  • Check to see that the generator is clean


Using Your Standby Propane Generator

Now that you’ve done the required maintenance, your standby propane generator is sure to work smoothly when you most need it. By following these tips, you can do the maintenance yourself or know exactly what a professional technician is doing to keep your propane generator running smoothly.

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