Oil to Propane: Why you Should Make the Switch

oil to propane
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Oil is a widely used home fuel in many parts of the country. But using oil to fuel a home has its drawbacks—large, unsightly tanks that take up valuable square footage and that may leak causing environmental and safety issues.  Many homeowners with houses fueled by oil do not realize that they have a choice as to how to fuel their homes.  They can switch to a different cleaner and safer fuel—propane!

What Can Propane Fuel in a Home?

Propane is incredibly versatile.  It can be used for whole home heating as well as water heating.  It can fuel appliances like stoves, ovens, and dryers.  It can power grills and heat pools, as well as fuel generators for when the power goes out.  It is an ideal, whole home fuel source because of its versatility.

The Cost Benefits of Switching from Oil

Propane is usually less expensive than oil.  In fact, according to local energy prices, changing from oil  provides about 18% in savings (How much can you save switching from oil to propane? | PERC).  Propane can save homeowners money up front, as the installation costs of a propane furnace are about $2,100 less than oil furnaces (Oil to Propane).

Additionally, propane is more efficient than oil, meaning you use less propane than oil to provide the same amount of energy.  Using less energy means additional cost savings for homeowners.

Additional Benefits of Propane

Not only can propane reduce energy costs and consumption, it provides many other benefits for homeowners, as well. When compared to oil, propane is:

  • Safer—it is nontoxic and nonpoisonous;
  • Cleaner—it burns much more cleanly than oil, reducing a homeowner’s carbon footprint;
  • More Efficient — it takes less propane than oil to provide the same amount of energy;
  • More Versatile – it can fuel a wider variety of appliances than oil.

Making the Switch from Oil to Propane

Knowing all the benefits propane can provide, it is time to convert your home to propane.  If this sounds like too big of a task, worry not.  Our knowledgeable and friendly propane experts are here to help you make the switch as seamlessly as possible. Call us at (855) 804-FUEL or visit us as www.superiorpluspropane.com today.

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