How to (Safely) Deep Fry your Thanksgiving Turkey

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With Thanksgiving approaching, many are planning their holiday menus.  Turkey is the traditional star of many Thanksgiving feasts.  Normally, turkeys are oven roasted, which takes many hours and ties up the oven from being used for other dishes.  If you would like to spice up your holiday menu, while freeing up much needed oven space, deep frying your turkey is the solution for you!

Why Should You Deep Fry a Turkey?

When done properly, deep frying a turkey results in juicer meat with a crispier outside (How to Deep Fry a Turkey | HowStuffWorks).  Deep frying also takes considerably less time than traditional, oven cooking. In a deep fryer, a turkey weighing up to fourteen pounds will cook in 35-45 minutes, taking about 3.5 minutes per pound (Deep-Fried Turkey: Step-By-Step Guide to for How to Fry (! Deep frying is a great time saver that will result in juicy turkey.

Preparing to Deep Fry a Turkey

The first step in deep frying a turkey is preparation.  Before you undertake using a deep fryer for the first time, you must first gather all the equipment you will need and read the instruction manual that accompanies your deep fryer.  For safely deep frying a turkey, you will need:

  • A deep fryer
  • A fire extinguisher (just in case)
  • A turkey no heavier than 14 pounds
  • Oil (peanut, canola, safflower, vegetable or rice bran oils)
  • Heat resistant gloves to protect your skin
  • A meat thermometer
  • Aluminum roasting pans
  • Kitchen towels
  • Tongs
  • A hook to lower and raise the turkey from the oil

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary equipment and have read up on how a deep fryer works, it’s time to deep fry your turkey.  To start, set your deep fryer up outside on a flat, level surface at least ten feet away from your home or any other structures (Deep-Fried Turkey: Step-By-Step Guide to for How to Fry (  Do not use a deep fryer on a wooden surface, like a deck, to prevent risk of fire.

Once the deep fryer is ready to go, make sure your turkey is fully thawed. Never deep fry a frozen turkey, as it could explode.  Pour oil into the deep fryer and heat it to about 275 degrees Fahrenheit.  Slowly lower the turkey into the oil, putting about one quarter of the turkey in for a minute or two at a time, until the whole bird is submerged.  Then increase the heat (How to Deep Fry a Turkey | HowStuffWorks). Note, you should never leave the deep fryer unattended while cooking.

The turkey should take about 3.5 minutes per pound but use a meat thermometer to test the internal temperature.  When it reaches 160-165 degrees Fahrenheit, the turkey is done! Remove the turkey from the oil, and place it in a shallow roasting pan.  Let the turkey rest for about twenty minutes before carving to keep it as juicy as possible.

Time to Eat!

Once your turkey is carved, it’s time to serve it up with your favorite side dishes and enjoy your holiday.  From all of us at Superior Plus Propane, have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

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