How to Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

propane tank gauge
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Homeowners who depend on propane to fuel their home energy needs often worry about running out of propane when they need it most.  There are simple solutions to ensure this doesn’t happen—the easiest is learning how to read the propane tank gauge so you can schedule a delivery before you run out.

Locating the Gauge on Your Propane Tank

Before you can read the gauge on your tank, you need to know where its located.  Propane tanks have lids to protect parts of the tank from inclement weather.  The propane gauge is located under the lid in an easily accessible location.  Simply lift the lid, and you will find the tank gauge.

What Do the Numbers on the Gauge Mean?

Once you have located the gauge, reading it is easy.  The numbers on the gauge tell you how much propane you have in your tank as a percentage.  If the needle on the tank is at 80%, that means your propane tank is completely full.  Now, you may be wondering why 80% means the tank is filled to capacity.  Eighty percent is the maximum amount propane tanks can be filled legally.  This is because propane will expand or contract depending on the outside air temperature.  Therefore, there must be room in the tank for the propane to do that.  If the needle is on 40%, your tank is half-full.

When Should You Read the Tank Gauge?

Homeowners should regularly check their propane tank gauges to make sure they have enough fuel to supply all their energy needs.  You want to schedule deliveries before the level of propane gets too low to avoid run-outs.  If you do end up with an empty propane tank, a propane professional is required by law to inspect the tank before refilling it.

Additional Help

Superior Plus Propane professionals are happy to help homeowners locate and learn to read their tank gauges.  If you have any questions, you can call our customer service representatives at (855) 804-FUEL for additional information, visit, or you may check out How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge | PERC for an informative and educational video on reading tank gauges.


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