Warm Homes, Full Plates: How Superior Plus Supports Feeding America

Hunger Relief
Superior Plus Propane

As a company based on the traditional value of giving back to those in need, Superior Plus Propane partners with and supports several national charitable organizations. One such corporate partnership is with Feeding America, through our ”Warm Homes, Full Plates” campaign.  This campaign is aimed at providing hunger relief for those in need.

What is Feeding America?

Feeding America is the largest domestic organization aimed at providing hunger relief for those affected by a lack of food. The organization began in the 1960s, when John van Hengel volunteered at a soup kitchen in Arizona. He saw first hand how many people did not have access to an adequate amount of food. Van Hengel’s solution was to create the first food bank. The organization has grown steadily since, adding food banks and food pantries, and has gone through several name changes. In 2008, the name Feeding America became official. Today, Feeding America has the following mission: “to advance change in America by ensuring equitable access to nutritious food for all in partnership with food banks, policymakers, supporters and the communities we serve” (www.feedingamerica.org).

How Does Feeding America Provide Hunger Relief?

Feeding America is comprised of member food banks and food pantries throughout the country. Currently, this organization has 60,000 meal pantries and meal programs and 200 food banks. Feeding America depends heavily on volunteers to run the food pantries and food banks. With millions of Americans suffering from hunger, Feeding America provided 6.6 billion meals last year—meaning the organization helped an average of 1 in 7 people! Feeding America is funded by corporate and individual donations and the support of government agencies.

Heat with Heart

In 2020, Superior Plus Propane partnered with Feeding America to create the“Heat with Heart” campaign, where for every new account signed up, Superior Plus donated $25 to Feeding America. The campaign was renewed in the Fall of 2021, with donations totaling $325,000 (an equivalent of 3.25 million meals).

This year, the campaign continues, evolving to “Warm Homes, Full Plates,” with new customers receiving a $275 account credit, and Superior donating $25 for each new account to Feeding America. This will bring Superior’s total contribution over the past three years to more than $500,000, or 5 million meals.

Giving Back to Those in Need

Superior Plus Propane believes in supporting the communities we call home. Through our partnership with Feeding America, we are providing discounted fuel and food to those people in our communities who need our support. To learn more about Feeding American visit www.feedingamerica.org. Check out our current “Warm Homes, Full Plates” campaign at https://www.superiorpluspropane.com/offers.

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