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Food trucks can be found nearly everywhere today serving up a variety of cuisine from tacos to Asian fusion.  Have you ever wondered what makes them run so smoothly to deliver a great dining experience? The answer, more often than not, is propane!

The Mobile Food Industry

While some believe food trucks are a relatively new, passing fad, they have actually existed in some form or other since the 1800’s (Propane-Powered Food Trucks ( If this conjures images of horse drawn food mobiles, you’re on the right path. However, it wasn’t until the economic downturn in 2008 that this industry began to grow into what it is today.  As a result of the recession, many professional chefs found themselves without jobs and the capital to start their own restaurants.  Many of these chefs started their own mobile restaurants by using food trucks because a lot less start-up money was required.  The industry has seen rapid growth, especially on the west coast, and is currently an $1.48 billion industry with an average of 2.5 billion people frequenting food trucks every day (21 Important Food Truck Statistics [2023]: Analysis, Trends, And Projections – Zippia)!

What Powers a Food Truck?

Food trucks typically can be powered three ways: propane cylinders, solar panels or portable diesel generators.  Propane is the most frequently used energy source, as it is cleaner and less odorous than diesel and more reliable and less costly than solar panels.

Why Do Food Truck Operators Prefer Propane?

Food truck operators need a reliable, affordable and clean fuel to cook delicious dishes without a hitch.  That’s where propane comes in.

Propane is efficient—it heats up 30% faster and is warmer than electricity. Other benefits of using propane in food trucks are:

  • It’s a clean energy
  • It’s odorless
  • It’s cost effective.

Propane has less carbon emissions than other fuels (Is Propane Safe For a Food Truck? – Legion Food Trucks). It burns cleaner than diesel without the nasty fumes and the loud noise of a diesel-fueled generator. And, propane is usually less expensive than diesel and nearly always less costly and more reliable than solar panels.

How Do They Use Propane?

Simply put, mobile restaurants use propane cylinders and/or propane generators.  Because propane is versatile, cylinders can fuel the stove and the grill while propane powered generators can run the fridge, freezer and other vital appliances like microwaves and deep fryers.

Propane: The Secret Ingredient 

Who would have thought the secret ingredient to making food from mobile restaurants so tasty and fast was propane?  If you are interested in powering your mobile restaurant with clean and affordable propane, please visit us at to learn more of how we can help your business.

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