Easy Steps to Maintain Your Propane Water Heater

maintenance of water heater
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Propane water heaters, like heating and air conditioning units, require proper maintenance to ensure they run optimally, efficiently and last for many years.  The good news is propane water heaters usually only require simple service steps annually that many can do themselves.

Why Propane Water Heaters Require Annual Maintenance

Traditional tank-style propane water heaters on average last eight to twelve years.  Annual maintenance of propane water heaters helps extend the lifespan so you can use them for many years. Additionally, performing maintenance on your water heater helps it run optimally, efficiently, and may prevent minor issues from becoming big problems.

Maintenance Checklist

If you are a handy homeowner, you can service your propane water heater yourself. Follow this checklist for the simple steps you can take to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your propane water heater:

  • Turn the pilot knob to the off position before beginning maintenance
  • Check the outside of the tank for rust or corrosion
  • Look under the tank to make sure there isn’t any pooled water on the floor (if there is, you have a leak and need to hire a professional)
  • Check all gaskets for signs of wear and tear (old gaskets should be replaced)
  • Drain the tank of all water
  • Inspect the inside of the tank for rust, corrosion or sediment build up
  • Flush the tank with clean water to remove any scale or sediment build up
  • Check the temperature and pressure valve to ensure it works properly by positioning a bucket under the valve and releasing the valve. Pressure and water vapor should come out easily
  • Inspect the anode rod inside the tank. If the anode rod is between three and five years old, replace it
  • Turn the pilot knob to the on position and make sure the water heater operates properly (The Complete Water Heater Maintenance Checklist and Guide (mrrooter.com)).

Once Maintenance is Complete…

Once you have completed the above checklist, you will know if your water heater is operating properly or if it is time for professional help.  If you have discovered any issues with your water heater while performing the maintenance checklist, it is best to call a service professional to fix the small problems before they become large, expensive ones.

By performing the maintenance checklist, you can ensure your water heater will work properly and efficiently for years to come.

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