Do You Qualify for Superior Plus Propane’s Premium Package?

Premium Package
Superior Plus Propane

At Superior Plus Propane, we believe the customer always comes first.  That is why we consistently provide the best customer service and support.  Part of that, means offering our customers the delivery, fuel level tracking and payment processes that are best suited to them.  We are proud to offer our Premium Package for those customers who qualify.

What is the Premium Package?

The Premium Package combines three great features into one package for qualifying customers: AutoPay, Automatic Delivery, and a tank monitor.  This package gives customers peace of mind by allowing them to remotely check their fuel level, to know that they will not run out of fuel, and to take away the worry of paying a bill on time.

How Does the Premium Package work?

First, enrolled customers are given a tank monitor, which allows them to remotely monitor their fuel level through an online application and better understand their fuel consumption.  We back the tank monitor with our “no run-out guarantee” to ensure that our customers will not run out of fuel.

Second, Premium Package customers are enrolled in Automatic Delivery.  We take the stress out of checking the tank reading and make a timely delivery.  Customer support for Automatic Delivery customers is available 24/7 three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, too!

Third, customers who qualify for the Premium Package are enrolled in our AutoPay program.  Through this program, we process payments automatically to take the stress out of timely paying a bill.  Customers enrolled in AutoPay receive $.05 per gallon discount, as well!

Do You Qualify for the Premium Package?

To learn more about how you can have more peace of mind when it comes to your fuel delivery and payment process by enrolling in the Premium Package, please call our knowledgeable customer service representatives at (855) 804-FUEL or visit us online at  We look forward to providing you with the best customer service and support.

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