A Reliable Supply of the
Bulk Fuels You Need to
Drive Your Business

We work with a diverse network of fuel sources, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted supply at the best possible prices.


We’ll supply your business with high-quality, premium gasoline for all your vehicles and equipment.

We offer a full selection of top-quality gasoline grades including 87 octane (referred to as Regular), 89 octane (Mid-Grade or Special), 93 Octane (Super or Premium) and 91 Ethanol free.

  • Gasoline—87 NL 10% Ethanol
  • Gasoline—89 NL 10% Ethanol
  • Gasoline—91 SNL
  • Gasoline—93 SNL 10% Ethanol 
  • Gasoline—E-85
  • Gasoline—Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending

    Diesel Fuel

    Diesel has many levels of product. Standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency define specific content and usage requirements. We currently keep the following on hand and readily available for our customers:

    • Off-Road "Ultra-Low Sulfur" Diesel (farm diesel) is intended for use off-highway only. Off-road diesel is dyed to distinguish it from on-road fuel. Federal fines and penalties can be levied if this fuel is found in the tanks of vehicles on the road.

    • On-Road "Ultra-Low Sulfur" Diesel is intended for on road use in vehicles manufactured during or after 2007.

    • Bio Blends are vegetable oil-based fuels that run in diesel engines.


    We provide additives formulated for specific weather conditions to improve diesel fuel quality and maintain peak engine efficiency.


    Used for home heating and in portable heaters, there are two types of kerosene: clear and dyed. K1 Clear has a federal tax applied. K-1 Dyed is for non-highway or heating use only.


    Propane is a versatile, highly portable, multi-purpose fuel that is clean burning and non-toxic. Because it’s abundant, readily available, and competitively priced in the U.S., it is quickly becoming the power fuel of choice in agricultural, commercial, and industrial settings.

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